Pastor of Youth & Children’s Ministries

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Grace Bible Chapel – Parkhill, ON Canada 
Date Posted: 
April 10st, 2023 
Position: Pastor of Youth & Children Ministries
Denomination: Non-Denominational 
Church Size: 80-120 adults, 35+ Youth / Children
Classification: Pastoral; Exempt; Full-Time Salary; Benefits 
Reports: Senior Pastor & Board 

About Grace Bible Chapel (GBC) and Parkhill, ON: 

GBC is a warm and caring, community-oriented, family-focused and dynamic church, located in Parkhill, Ontario, nestled about 45 mins northwest of London, ON, 20 mins north of Strathroy, ON and 15 mins southeast of the lakeshores of Port Franks and Grand Bend. ON. Parkhill is a growing town, full of small town charm. Its closeness to amazing beaches, world famous sunsets of Lake Huron, as well as, access to larger metropolitan centers nearby, makes it a desirable place to settle down and grow a family.

Overall Responsibility

– Provide direction, vision and focus to GBC’s Family Ministries (children – youth)
– Lead and facilitate youth and/or children’s ministries (according to personal gifting, ministry focus & need)
– Give oversight, recruit and develop ministry leadership teams (by seeking, equipping, empowering and
  evaluating leaders and volunteers)
– Resource and coordinate youth & children’s ministries at GBC

Overall Goal: Visionizecoordinate, lead and oversee activities for youth, children and families that promote fun, fellowship, spiritual development and ministry involvement in accordance with GBC’s core values of: 

Believing – in Jesus Christ as the Son of God is a process that ultimately provides the Biblical foundation of our faith.

Belonging – Relationships play an essential role in our lives and spiritual journey. We belong to a greater community called by Jesus. Our calling is to love God and each other, share life together and help/protect one another. It is in this way, that we can live out the greatest of commandments.

Becoming – We’re called to move away from a self-centered existence and into a Christ-focused life, as we embody His character and example. This new life is initiated and completed by God’s generous grace and power. Guided by His Word, motivated by the Holy Spirit and inspired by our faith community, we become more like Jesus.

Building – All of us have a unique calling and are purposely equipped to join in God’s mission. Together, we can discover our calling and participate with Jesus as His ‘hands and feet.’ In this way, we can participate with God as He builds His kingdom on Earth. As a faith community, we seek God’s kingdom first, as it breaks through in new ways all around us.

– Spirit-filled, mature believer
– Spiritual gifts should include: leadership, compassion, teaching, encouragement and administration 
– Passionate about the spiritual, emotional and physical development of youth & children
– Proven leadership and team building ability
– Ability to recruit, develop, support, evaluate and affirm volunteers
– Flexible to changing ministry needs and self starter 
– Excellent communication, problem solving and people skills 
– Skills in ministry oversight (planning, budgeting, forecasting and administering policies/procedures)
– Successful experience in leading (minimum of 2-3 years ministry or related experience) 
– Bachelor’s Degree in Christian Studies preferred (or equivalent)  
– ‘Plan to Protect’ Certification (or equivalent) preferred   
– Ability to deal effectively and tactfully with church personnel, church members and general public 
– Able to submit to the spiritual authority of the Senior Pastor, Elders and Board 
– In good standing with current denomination 

– To help foster a discipling culture among children, youth, parents and volunteer leaders with GBC
– Create a safe environment for children/youth that encourages emotional and spiritual development.
– Recruiting and equipping leaders/volunteers leading to sustainable ministry (i.e., not dependent on staff).
– Coordinate, assist and lead (if necessary) weekly youth programs & Sunday children’s church.    
– Encourage and equip parents in their role as primary disciplers of their children. Support them in
  teaching and mentoring their children in a life of following Christ.   
– Integrate youth & children into the larger church community fostering a ‘whole community’ atmosphere.
– Work with church leaders to develop/source a coordinated curriculum for all ages that progressively  
  teaches, points to and models the life in Christ.
– Assist and lead GBC’s ‘Five Fun Days’ – a week-long summer outreach (VBS) program. 
– Be involved in the community, developing relationships with those who do not know Christ; modeling a
  missional lifestyle.
– Engage in regular personal worship, study, reflection and prayer 
– Take part in leading Sunday morning ministry and help with other whole church events. 
– Administrative duties.
– Other duties as assigned by the Board/Senior Pastor. 

Please Note: We expect this role to evolve over time due to different ministry needs and opportunities. This position may be adjusted in accordance with the successful candidate’s gifts and ministry orientation – according to our
Big Picture Criteria / Goal-Based Job Description: 

1) Relationship BuildingWe see the ideal candidate as being a highly relational and outgoing person, who is passionate about the spiritual, emotional and physical well being of youth & children and invests in their lives and build healthy relationships by:

  • Getting to know the youth, children and parents/families in our directory by name. 
  • Developing a weekly pattern of relationship building in the neighborhood and/or with community organizations outside the church (e.g. local schools)  
  • Following up with children & youth (as well as parents/caregivers) who are new to GBC in a timely manner, and making them feel welcome. 
  • Assisting parents/guardians on how to best involve and integrate their children and/or youth into GBC Family Ministries. 
  • Being accessible to parents/guardians as a resource and providing prayer and counsel (as needed). 

 2) Recruiting & SupervisionThe ideal candidate for this position (while aware, flexible & ready to step in when needs arise) is someone who enjoys seeing others succeed and grow in their leadership abilities and spiritual gifts. This candidate knows the value of developing quality volunteers/team building and as a result will:

  • Recruit, train, and vet volunteers (including ‘Five Fun Days’ student leaders)
  • Ensure that all volunteers receive training and regular feedback, as well as, implement, maintain and administer ‘Plan to Protect’ and police/vulnerable sector check policies. 
  • Coach, provide leadership and necessary resources to youth and children’s ministry teams/leaders and together with them, visionize, implement ministry goals and evaluate progress on a regular basis. 
  • Regularly meet with volunteers/leaders for training, encouragement and prayer. 

3) Programs & ActivitiesThe ideal candidate for this position is someone who enjoys dreaming up, planning, facilitating and organizing youth and children’s programs & activities. Working alongside and coach leaders and volunteers, the Pastor of Youth & Children’s Ministries will develop and maintain weekly youth and children’s programs and special activities (i.e. fall outreach event, camping retreats, movie nights, BBQs, etc.) that promote/encourage:

  • Growth in participation and enthusiasm (from our GBC’s family and surrounding community). 
  • A growing number of youth and children who are learning to ‘Believe, Belong, Become and Build.’ 
  • Regular participation and serving in our Sunday morning ministries. 
  • Youth and children to develop their spiritual gifts and build their identity as a valued part of the GBC community. 
  • Youth and children to develop an “others-oriented,” outward-focused missional posture. 
  • Mission/service opportunities (whether local or abroad)

The Pastor of Youth & Children Ministries is part of the GBC staff and accountable to the Senior Pastor and Board. 

Application Process: 
Applications may be submitted by email to or by mail to: 

Grace Bible Chapel 
Attn: Pastor Search Committee 
277 Parkhill Main Street
Parkhill, ON N0M 2K0 

Please provide the following when submitting an application for review: 
Cover page & resume (Word document or PDF file only) and Philosophy of Ministry.